pic: Truck Town Thunder Electrical Board

Truck Town Thunder’s electrical board for Ultimate Ascent!

Let me be the first to say: THIS…is a masterpiece.

Great job! My only suggestions are wire duct to make it easier to wire and change and wire numbers to help identify the wires. Do you have a schematic?

Thank you! It isn’t completely done yet; we have to add all the encoder wires, solenoid wires, etc.

No, we don’t. But one of our electrical mentors brought in a label maker and labled all of our Talons, as well as all of the PWM cables. That way we can easily see where a motor controller goes, or where a PWM goes.

Also, did anyone catch our custom PWM cables?

I did notice them. I am curious why. The biggest trouble I have with them is getting them to stay plugged in. We end up using hot-melt glue which would never fly in real machinery. Did you use the standard black 3 pin connectors?

I’m not sure on the actual brand, but we use white ones for plugging into the sidecar. We use standard black females for plugging into the motor controllers (with an insert to make it male). A mentor of ours bought 1000 feet of stranded yellow-red-black wire (I think it’s 26 gauge, but don’t quote me on that). That way, we can get the exact length we needed.

Is the spike for the compressor? Consider switching the fuse to a 20a breaker if so.

And you know you don’t have use ALL the ribbon cable that came in the kit, right? :rolleyes:

The compressor spike is on a 20 amp breaker. Also, we do know we don’t have to use all the ribbon cable, we just haven’t cut it yet (we probably will tonight. The pneumatic bumper addition to the cRIO card (NI 9472) will have power wires for our solenoids underneath the ribbon cable).

The advice for 20a breaker involves putting the auto-reset breaker into the spike for the compressor in place of the 20a fuse that you show in place. Using a 20a breaker on the PDB is one thing, but auto-reset in the spike is allowed when the spike controls the compressor as an exception.