pic: True Definition of Flying Penguins


Team 66 had a demonstration to do today out in front of the Belleville, MI Wal-Mart. We will be doing this again come the 17th of February.

For those that live in Michigan, you know its cold… VERY cold… thus the title. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. True Michigan winters.

You think it’s cold over there? I’m on the west side. We’ve gotten more snow in the last week than everything since August combined. On the order of 16" on the ground right now. (Our map. Look for the blob in the west.)

I hope they pay whomever shovels that sidewalk well.

How easy is it to drive when you’re wearing gloves?

That’s not cold…today, WE had temps in the single digits and whiteout conditions. Then again, out here is a lot of open fields, so fewer buildings to act as windbreaks.

'that is true dedication.

Over here in Detroit, the high temp lately might have reached 10 degrees F, but I think it stayed well below that.

Driving is not that bad at all, the salt on the sidewalk however was a problem though.

My dad’s mother (my grandmother) actually lives on the west side, and we heard that Grand Rapids Malls got shut down due to about 1.5’ of snow. Hope everything is alright and getting better. :wink:

LUCKY!!! we’ve had a total of 1/10 of an inch all winter, and never temps bleow 20