pic: Truss Fall...

I doubt this will ever happen, the trusses are mounted on some seriously heavy steel plates (2ft x 2ft x 2in).

It’s a joke… and a reference to trust fall.

I think they were trying to joke as in “Trust Fall”… In other news, I’d love to have a shirt with this on it.

This has me laughing…

This would make an awesome fundraiser shirt! I would suggest cleaning it up and slapping it on a black tea-shirt. We Engineer-types love our puns!:slight_smile:

If you catch it do you get 10 points? :rolleyes:

It was too easy not to do.

I would totally buy a shirt with that on it. :slight_smile:

add a robot trying to catch it =]

Made some modifications based on the comments, don’t know where this will be going as far as T-Shirts, will look into it. Thanks Everyone! :slight_smile:

it would be polite of the truss to fall instead of smashing my face

I have spread this around my team, and everybody loves it. More so the one with the robot trying to ‘catch’ it.
Good job, guys.

Here are some shirt templates with the robot catching and the original. The grey lines are only meant to show where the seams would be. Feel free to take this to whoever does your shirts and make tons. If you would like me to make shirts with other images, send me a message. :slight_smile:

Link to original: http://goo.gl/gqGVnX
Link to robot catching: http://goo.gl/H3cvFo

I’m so confused. How do you start a new thread on Chief Delphi? I’m sorry for asking such a dumb question haha. I’m sorry for asking this question in a completely unrelated thread.

Never mind, I figured it out. Sorry

Never mind, I figured it out. Sorry


This is becoming the background of both my school-issued chromebook and my laptop because it’s so awesome. :smiley:

Also this allows 70 points in a cycle instead of 60 :wink:

Can you create a special one with the head ref pushing the truss over as s/he shakes the ball loose? :o