pic: Tshirt cannon 9/11 home game

I’m glad to see so many upstanding citizens in this picture.

Your T-shirt cannon really has a way of turning the world on its head.

Upload from android seems to put the thumbnail upside down and when you click on it it goes rightside up. Haven’t had a computer handy to fix it or the time…

Was the base of your robot modeled after Plowie, our beloved animation robot?

I hope he returns this year.


Not directly but he changed into that after we saw what we had built.

This was, of course, an Australian event, no?

Thanks, but I will always know him as Plowie. Its a much more endearing name.

See the original creator’s take on the name. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1168699&postcount=12

Great. Now we have to put up with last year’s game animators again. You just sent Dozer into the corner moping. Dave would know; I’m not sure how many times he had to coax Dozer out for his annual “uh-oh” smash routine after someone called him by the wrong name.

pulls tongue out of cheek

The robot’s name is Dozer. Period. Endearing doesn’t enter into it. Nobody can actually prevent you from using Plowie as a nickname, but his creator can – and does – give authoritative corrections when the wrong name is given.