pic: Tubes after racky had them in his teeth

The tube on the bottom right is the original blown up tube, the ones in the picture are what happens after our robot has played with them for about 2 hours

Seems familiar to me. We’ve popped about 6 from the diamond plate, and about 2 from the robot itself.

We have poped almost all of ours, but duct tape came to rescue, yet again!:yikes:

yikes! thats not good. is that going to be allowable, if so, then there’s no way that there will be enough tubes available on site. you’re probably gonna have to do something to prevent that from happening

Well I’m fairly sure that the goal is not to pop the tubes–but I have been assured by various FIRST people that there will be more than enough tubes at each event. I just hope all turns out well as of our 24 tubes ordered, only about 8 are left in tact.