pic: Tubes


lol. maybe this is to encourage top and bottom level scoring? :slight_smile:

coughAxis Cameracough

That is the game animation so it isn’t exactly to scale so it looks like there is no room to see when there is. Here is a pic I took at the Manchester kickoff.

Pschhh… who needs to see? Its all about programming! Just make your robot 100% autonomous… Of course… Then in that case, no one will want to drive because they will have the absolute worst view of the field… :slight_smile:

The camera and the tape lines for seem to be essential for this game.

There is some truth to this…

Winner^. Those two things are definitely going to be a key to this game.

i think you guys are seeing the wrong view of this. FIRST is trying to get teams to try to block the other teams veiw, because you score on the opposite end of your driver station.

Please re-read the manual.

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I can’t find that in the manual. Can you tell me where you saw it? ::rtm::

First of all, that is not true. You score at your own driver station. Second, why would FIRST want that? That would be considered a form of cheating.

Look at the picture again… a red robot putting tubes in front of a red driver :ahh:

[/sarcasim] pssh who needs to see the game field while driving? thats so 2010 [/sarcasim]

looks like we should score high and low and forget about the middle. it would interesting if it were possible to Coopretitionly score the opposing alliance’s middle row as a detriment to the opposing alliance’s visibility.

:stuck_out_tongue: Funniest Motivational Poster I have seen in ages!


…Short drivers?

That doesn’t help. They will need to be really, really short. Like around 5 feet. The picture I took was at eye level or just above which would be 6 feet.