pic: Tumbleweed Wall Art

I received a complementary chunk of Tumbleweed’s frame not too long ago, and seeing my FRC memorabilia hanging on a nail in the corner of my room (along with much boredom), decided to get creative. This is now hanging over my bed.

In the center is John V-Neun’s WFFA presentation speech that 118’s Lucien Junkin read at the Bayou Regional. Hanging from the bottom is my volunteer badge from the '08 OKC Regional. This was a really cool way to frame this past year’s accomplishments, and I’m kinda surprised at how it came out.

2008 was a big year for you guys, no doubt about it, Parker.

It is thrilling to take some time to look at all the memorabilia that you have showcased on your wall. It is especially cool to see that you have the OKC volunteer badge included with your wonderful successes. That was a neat regional, a fun time, and it was a blast working with you and a couple of your team mates as volunteers at that inaugural regional. Good times.

Here’s to another great year. :slight_smile:

I’ll echo what Jane said, Parker. The fact that you, at such a young age, value the volunteer badge and the story about your mentor on a level playing field with the robot and the awards tells me a great deal about the kind of person you are and what you are capable of becoming.

I just got the best idea ever:

Robot Fatheads.

I can’t get the idea of this falling and hitting you in the neck out of my head. :yikes:

Cool display, Vivek

I know this may sound bias, BUT as his Dad, Parker’s family & I couldn’t be more PROUD of Him and His Accomplisments this year, and We will be there for him in the next season and for his future. Let’s cover the other walls with more stuff this year!!