pic: twilight star robotics competition


So is anybody going to share the story about this picture?
Did this happen before the season? At the end of build season? Or afterwards?
There was no description at all to the picture about the picture.

I note the date November 15 2008 on the photo, so it happened recently.

This was a mini regional in Eagan, MN based on the game Overdrive. About 15 veteran teams showed up with their robot (our robots in our case). We brought our robot with the beta system attached to it so we could talk some more to people who haven’t seen it. There were many rookie teams there too who haven’t built a robot before and they were just wandering around and seeing what the competition and robots are like.

In this picture, 876 somehow got their front end of the robot under our robot and just drove forward and tipped us over. I think they meant to push us out of the way because there was just a few seconds left in the match so we were just sitting there defending our ball on the overpass and trying to force them to go around us. It was kind of funny to watch actually, and fortunatey no harm was done to our robot.