pic: Two interesting numbers

Look at the views! I love it when cool looking stuff happens with numbers. Hope other people find it interesting too!

bored, eh?

I don’t get it. They’re just numbers? or is there a meaning?

It prolly means that people are very interested in the pacific NW comp and sportsmanship.

Look at it this way:


The sevens and twos have switched places. Spiffy, eh? :slight_smile:

Looks like somebody needs a hobby. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually what’s amazing about that is that the moderated discussion of sportsmanship was started because of something that happened at the Pacific Northwest Regional. It’s just amazing that somebody noticed it at the specific point in time and the fact that both threads are related.

The last four digits of my office phone number are 4684. Look at how they progress in a positive direction by increments of two units for the first three digits. And then the third digit is two to the power of three. But the fourth digit is exactly one half of the third digit - it decrements by a factor of two back to two to the power of two.

From all of this I have been able to conclude, through the wonderful science of numerology, that the world is actually flat, fish live in tress, and you don’t love me any more.

Pretty spiffy, eh?


p.s. or maybe I just don’t get it…

you do know dave that you just gave everyone your extention…beware of calls looking for hints on next years game…

hey everyone look at dave’s number 4684 if you add up all the numbers they equal 14…and if you subtract the years first has been around 12
that equals 2 and there are 2x multipliers this year…dave you are so crafty…lol

some one has been spending a little too much time on CD… (im not one to talk tho)

4684 if you add up all the numbers they equal 14

Umm…has someone forgotten how to count? Or am I mistaken when I get 22 from adding those numbers together?

But if you take the average of those numbers (5.5) you might get where the 5 point balls got their score.

Or maybe he used the first 3 digits of the number to devise the scoring system!

wow…i am retarded…i have no excuses for that…is it scary that one day i might design something that you use like a bridge or car…muhahaha

Yeah, my original intention was to show the 1277 and 1722 thing. But if you look at it as people being interested in the PNW regional, that’s fine too.

But I like to find interesting things about numbers. And I like psychology. So what color is the number e? (Mini psych test)

Now, we can do a permutation or combination problem or whatever you call it and then a little probability calculation and throw in a little statistics and we could see how long it would take to get the area code and prefix and how hard it would be. Now since I’ve said all this, you won’t be answering your phone though :wink: :smiley: j/k

much easier is google. first result.

The last four digits of my student ID number are 8421 – the first four powers of two in descending order.

From your screen shot, I see you use a USB drive!


4 6 and 8 are the heights of the goals. Maybe that’s why Dave can remember it :smiley: