pic: Two Story pit (2005 Palmetto)


1320’s two story pit, next to our tent at Palmetto (2005)


oh! that is really cool… could you tell me more about it (if you know)?

I don’t recall too much (1320 was the team), but I remember a ladder and a scaffold over their pit. On top were a couple of lawn chairs, usually occupied by a couple of team members with safety harnesses.

It’s a shame innovative pit designs like this aren’t legal anymore… but I can see why FIRST did it. Personally, I’d love to have a pit like this, the programmers could work “upstairs” while the mechanical types work “downstairs.”

Safety harnesses? Presumably, this was to prevent them from falling off rather than to protect them from its collapse?

I just am really into the sitting space… darn toolboxes take up so much room :yikes::stuck_out_tongue:

This has to go with this thread

All about mulltiple story pit areas.

I’d imagine so. (Although those railings seemed to be high enough for a reasonably smart person, the type that FIRST seems to attract.)

Sitting space does a body good–we found the simple solution of finding a patch of floor (or on the cart, in the case of our coach with a busted knee) and just not bringing too much stuff to the competition. Worked about fine for us.