pic: Two wild and crazy Purple guys in NJIT

Wayne C. and I are take a rest after ending the Rookie Workshop at NJIT Remote Kickoff Event.
Ya… we party until the purple cows came home… and finally BIG MIKE got me… after three years!
(Those Team# 25 members great!)

$@#$@#$@#$@# Rich-

I look like a Wookie!! I am really not THAT ugly!! (I’m sure that will get comments)

It was a great day.

WC :cool:

you should see cokeley when he gets mad. he makes loud noises and holds his laser cross-bow over his head.

signed. It’s a face only a mother could love :wink:

This is one of those shots where you just say “hey, there’s two very cool FIRST people being very excited about what they’re doing”. I was actually pretty glad that I finally got to meet rich yesterday, although only briefly before my workshop.