pic: Two years of spare parts receipts

Goal: add no more of these to my collection in 2014.

No one knows whether thugs will break one or both kneecaps when you don’t return a borrowed cRIO chassis-- but I don’t want to find out.

Back in the IFI days, I recall having to have a team uncrate their robot to get the loaner controller back. (Actually, that was the other fella working Spare Parts who enforced that one.)

Yep, they’d crated up with the loaner–as I recall, the argument used was something about somebody’s card being billed for the controller vs taking half an hour to uncrate, remove the loaner, and recrate.

There were also a few times a student would try to get the loaner equipment without going to the IFI rep (and/or without a credit card or adult). That didn’t go over too well–no broken kneecaps, though.

Hmmmm…probably both as thats one of if not the most expensive parts. I see lots of goodies…Power board, digital IO, Power Converter, Side car, D Link…
I worked spare parts at VCU in 2009 and NC in 2012…Neil Rosenberg is usually the FTA for NC. Kyle Johnson who is a mentor for our team works as a CSA for Richmond (and did CMP and Palmetto this year too) What i see as a little odd is a sheet for Chesapeake with a authorization card for Richmond.

One of the things that surprized me was some of the things teams would ask for
that we didn’t have…like staples and staple guns, printers and paper, volt meters and nails. At NC in 2012 We almost took the box of parts that were found on the field after matches and were going to keep them at spare parts , but didn’t.

In 2009 we had a lady who ran a team from up in New England (team 85?)
that got one of the God awful blue drivers station boxes and wouldn’t return it.
They were going to CMP after Richmond and didn’t have another one.