pic: Tyler Olds WAI

Figured my last WAI was from 2008 and I should update it. Taken from the Wisconsin Regional in 2014

Caption contest?

“Operatic emcee attempts to shatter the glass using his voice!”

I would say for a caption…

“First time out of the Vault”

In my job we call this “eating the mic”.

Al, while I do tend to eat the mic (especially handhelds) because I like to try my own voice augmentation, I trust the AV crew to set the microflex type microphones (don’t remember the technical name for these, and yes I am sure that I probably adjust this without noticing). :wink:

I’ll make my own caption “Kix: Emcee tested, Mother approved…”

Yea, I was about to say I didn’t know the Capital Wasteland had a regional :rolleyes:


You know it’s funny. This was actually taken by one of the photographers at the event, but when I was uploading it I thought that it definitely looks like a selfie.

It’s adjacent to Canterbury Commons and the Wheaton Armory, Just South of the Temple of the Union.