pic: tytus..and his big ooops

tytus was having fun playing around with the segway on the field…went to do something but instead pulled a President Bush act…and fell off the segway…

he wasn’t hurt so it’s all good :slight_smile:

and well i just happened to have my camera on to document this moment… love ya buddy tytus

Wouldn’t that be more like pulling a President Ford?

President Ford fell down the stairs. President Bush fell off a Segway (and more recently, a bicycle).
According to this USA Today article (which is otherwise satirical), “the first U.S. president to try a Segway supposedly forgot to turn it on, so the gyroscopic stabilizers couldn’t automatically balance him.” He and the elder President Bush apparently got it all figured out later:

Tytus, I’ve gotta say, you are one talented young man…

gotta love the midnight blue though

Totally agree man.

Hey Tytus… isn’t there some rule saying you can only Seg while wearning shoes? :stuck_out_tongue:

only in Tennessee

tytus is just special so he doesn’t have to follow that rule :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactely Tiffany :wink: . Now quite honestly I am glad Tytus is okay he took quite a fall.


it wasant that bad. all it did was scare a bunch of people

…And the rest were laughing their butts off.