pic: Tytus is dreaming Again

Blast i wrote in the picture again, Force of habbit, Sorry

Howed that spam Logo get in there?

Yes, it was Popular Science, “Best of What’s Next”. May '04, p. 78-79. But theirs was much :cool:er.

Tytus, it’s amazing! :slight_smile: Between the hover craft, this, the mini swampthing robot, sometimes I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :smiley:

Ya, they were cool i want some for my car so i dont have to stop to fix anything ever, its like your oun personal mechanic team that can do everything without even having to take apart anything.

i made a gripper because in the niddle of making the arm i realised that it would never be able to hold a drill. i was like OH! then i emprovised and made a claw, well it does some awesome stuff, none the less

tytus … that looks awesome… i just wish that if i could see all those inventions infront of my eyes… nice job man…

whats next? :confused:

Another masterpiece by Tytus. Dude you should seriously consider entering some of your inventions into those lego mindstorm best invention competions because I think you would definetly win.

okay ? when is tytus not dreaming??? luv the ideas tytus. you and u’r ideas are very interesting-- i get to see these up close now right?? u’ll have to bring them up when u visit–

and how did S.P.A.M. get there i’m not sure- but it’s all good-- remember u’r on our team :wink:

have fun dreaming my friend and to all of u guys and gal out there have fun dreaming too!!


A robot or group of robots fully autonomous, which operate on ships, vehicles, spacecraft or airplanes that assess, access and autonomously work together to repair damage
Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t this the function of R2-D2 and the other ship based droids on the ships in Star Wars??
Episode 1, I believe, when R2-D2 fixed Anakin’s yellow ship (name?) and became a hero of sorts.
Is this yet another revolutionary idea that may have originally come from the great George Lucas???

yes-- R2-D2!! he has done lots not just Anakin’s ship-- all the episodes he has saved ppl’s butt-- if we all had R2-D2 wouldn’t that be nice?

must say that R2-D2 is the greatest droid in STAR WARS!!! (yes, i luv STAR WARS)