pic: Tytus Loves Brandon Marcus!!!!!!

One of the famous judges signs taped to Tytus’ back!

Anyone else find that hilarious? :smiley:

Who is Brandon Marcus? Lmao that’s awesome.

My question was did he make the sign or did someone else? :]


Hmm… to answer this I have to randomly reference a Tootsie pop commercial.

Answer- "The world may never know…"

Tytus, you should have put Brandon Marcus is my Role Model and gotten DJ even more jealous. HA HA HA!!!

Nah, Brandon Marcus is my role model. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: lol

who is this marcus fella’? :confused:

The person who wrote that must feel really embarressed… :o

And tytus didnt even help him out by switching the C to a T… or was it tytus who wrote it? …:rolleyes:

I believe Dave Lavery wrote that sign, or Paul Copioli. I was sitting directly behind them, but there were WAYYY too many to keep track of :slight_smile:


It was indeed Paul.


I wish I could’ve seen those signs. Does someone have them, or were they trashed when it was over?

… one of the downfalls of being in the show, I guess.

I know I saw someone gather them up and take them. Jess Boucher has a few, and I thought maybe David Kelly got the others, but I’m not sure.


I have them all, except for a few special ones (like, the ‘Oconomo-WHAT?!’ sign went to 269, etc.).

To be posted.

i think some were given to who they were relevent to, i was sitting with some of the 269 guys and they had the “oconomo-what?” and the “trombones rule” signs that dave made. ask around, i suppose.

I saw some of the signs hanging around on saturday, various people had various signs. All I know is that I(or my dad) dont have any. :frowning:

paul capioli wrote it and showed it to me. then i stole it when he wasant looking.

For the people who got it, thanks for leaving that whole mess in the past.

Yeah, we all have bad times. Look at me! :smiley:

Anyway, funny image…

psst… Tyrus… pull up your pants. :wink:

Tyrus? :wink:

First Brandon Marcus, now Tyrus? I believe this joke has come full circle.

That’s what happens when those stupid keyboard people put the ‘r’ and ‘t’ keys too close together… grrr…

I was watching this sign being made…and then watching pictures being taken. Laughing about the thought that this was surely going to end up on here:)