pic: Tytus's Coax Crab Module

ok, now that were talking about these again, heres what i have thus far in my poor-mans coaxial crab desing with horisontal lnear support both above and below the axel

using parts out of the First KOP and as few luxury items as possible

the magenta lasy susy bearing is 4"x4"x5/16" costs $1.79 each and will hold 300 Pounds

the dark grey pieces are the pieces that connect to or, are the chasis

Very nice Tytus. You are doing some great work with all your different designs. The amazing thing is you arent even using software meant for this task, yet it still looks very good!


Autocad isint ment for this?

Well you can do 3D modelling in AutoCAD obviously but you want to use something more like Solidworks, maybe Catia (spelling on the last one, but I’ve used it like once). I’ve never used those though. AutoCAD seems more geared for 2D drawings in my limited experience. Now back to AutoCAD HW… :slight_smile:

quick question, tytus:

how is the wheel assembly being turned?
i wasn’t able to spot any sprockets, gears, or pulleys right off, so i’m a li’l curious.

Nice. I never thought of the potential uses of those types of bearings.

rips apart old barstools in basement

do you have any idea how ahrd it is to draw a sprocket?

a standard 52t bike sprocket wold bolt into the 5 holes in the 7" diemeter plate twards the top of the module

If you’re using AutoCAD, drawing a sprocket isn’t all that hard. Draw one tooth and use an array (polar) to create the rest of the sprocket.

i have to get measurements exact or they wont line up, i tried it before, been busy with FLL and stuff, ill try it woith the right numbers, thanks :wink: