pic: tytus's hoverbot

does tytus ever stop working?.. here is another hoverbot that tytus made… we were playing with it at the parking lot of the bowling place that we went… definitely was an awesome time…

Imagine having a hover-craft type robot in the actual competition itself o.O

Be an odd year for that to be an effective design I think… but it’d certainly be interesting.

Actually, I could see that being done for this year’s game.

All you’d have to do is be able to hang from the floor, and bada-bing! A robot that can not only hang, but go anywhere it wants and not ride up on balls!

I guess to handle all of the gear, you’d probably need a more powerful setup, but that can be arranged.

And, by the way, that’s a pimp setup.

during the build season there was a time when this was pointed out in some thread that if there was a hoverbot for this season it would be awesome… but unfortunately teams couldnt find a fan or any substitute which would be able to carry 130 pounds… or even if they did… they probably were not comfortable enough to use it… but there will be a time in FIRST when we will see robots which are just not using wheels and threads… probably robot will be walking or even hovering around…

anyways… tytus made that hoverbot… (again)… a new one… to play around with… we went to the bowling alley in stuart… and while we were waiting for britt and tiff’s ride… we were playing with it in the parking lot… that night was awesome… probably one of the best weekend that i have had… :slight_smile:

tytus carries a 2x ball in the back seat of his car… makes it so hard to see if there is any car behind you or not…

I’d imagine a hoverbot would provide little to no resistance to being pushed around. If it came down to a struggle for a 2x ball, or positioning on the ramp to hang, good old fashioned traction would rule the day. Still, very cool things!

It probably wouldn’t work for things like pushing, but it would probably be faster than any other bot, it would be an awesome hanger.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying MY picture (Arefin uploaded them with out my permission!) but…I must say that hoverbot was the awesome. Watching it in the parking lot of the bowling alley got some strange faces looking our way. :slight_smile:

Like you ever asked me before you posted mine… :stuck_out_tongue:

Faster yes, but hanger, probably not… If it’s levitated by air, you’re not going to get too far off the ground, certainly not high enough to grab the bar. It’d be a challenge to get more than a few inches off the ground using just air to hover.

Theoretically, it COULD be a hanger, but in reality, it cannot. It is a quesiton of power (climbing at a certain rate requires a certain power). This power will have to come from the batteries, which tend to have a meager amount. So it is possible to hang, but you need powerful fans and you need to make sure that you hook on very carefully, before the robot is in a million pieces on the ground.

My 2cents

Well if you can get to the point where you have a hook on the bar since your allready levitating ur hanging when they cut power…works kinda like our bot.

yep yep fun in the parking lot-- played with it a bit @ my house too-- couldn’t try it on the lake behind my house since we wouldn’t be able to get it back-- missing a battery though-- so next time when he has both batteries i get to play :slight_smile:

good job once again tytus!! luv ya buddy!!

yep yep fun in the parking lot-- played with it a bit @ my house too-- couldn’t try it on the lake behind my house since we wouldn’t be able to get it back-- missing a battery though-- so next time when he has both batteries i get to play :slight_smile:

good job once again tytus!!

wow i hadnt seen the updated new hovewr bot, nice job tytus ur learning more, ur old one was kinda a POS muwhahahaha :smiley:

A hovercraft made from kit parts was used as the placebo in 1996.

What is the “placebo”? The only reference I have heard to that are the “placebo bots” used at BattleCry for matches where teams could not attend.

i must admit it kinda looks like a ddr pad when the picture is in the fingernail form :stuck_out_tongue:
hmm maybe that’s a sign to stop ddr’ing every day…
but good job

Back in the olden days of FIRST (before my time)… FIRST was 1 vs. 1 vs. 1. Due to this format (in an effort to give all teams the same number of matches) some matches only had 2 teams in them. FIRST had on hand a “placebo robot” to fill in and play the role of the 3rd team.

As Joe mentioned, one year it was a hovercraft.
Another year it was a RC vacuum cleaner.

Cool stuff,

sometimes you just have to escape the wheel. for those of you who assume i come up with these things for first. I think i already know that alot of the things i come up with are not practical at all for first, thanks for the constant reminder.Tho first could present a game that a hoverbot would Be perfect for, They wont, but they could. the hoverbot only “hovers” a few thousands of an inch off the ground. just enough for it not to ,or to barley touch it and reduce friction with the “air cussion” (thin layer of moving air seprating the craft from the ground) it creates. iTs anphibous and Realy fast. thats prety much all it does. to "hover 10’ in the air and hang you would need a mechanism witch created an “air Pillar” (plume of jet exaust projected downwards) or “Lift” (lifting force created by a wing using Brenuli’s princpal). i just want you all to exersise that Muscle “hovering” between your ears with some out of the box ideas. in first theres, wheeles, treads witch use wheeles, omni-wheelws witch are just wheels with more wheels on them. and there was the B.E.A.S.T. crawling along with feet. Out of first unconventional locomotion is much more common and practical. like i wouldnt ride in a vehicle with treads from West Palm Beach, florida to say… manchester, New hamshire. i would much rather ride in a vehicle with wings. theres a new idea for a mars robot that dosent even touch the surface, it deplous wings durring entry and flys in the martain atmosphere until it deplets its bateries, Woops… so it does eventually “land”. and the Navy uses The L.C.A.C. Hovercraft transport to move tanks, trucks and things like that from ship to shore and beyond. So once and a while no matter how addicted you may be, try to think outside The 48’x24’ box of first.

No no no the box is very comfortable…I like the box…i wonder if this discussion has any bearing on the spamthingacon, but I will see soon enough :slight_smile: