pic: Uberbots current Arm design


This is the current design of our arm, with a shoulder and a wrist joint, both controlled by a PID loop and read by an encoder.

Its not really tuned perfectly yet (considering that the final model will weigh less), but i would say that it works well.

Here is the video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1481164436349971251

More videos to come if the head mentor approves (=

Sweet arm. Your control loops look SOLID!

Best of luck.

Thanks tom

i might actually post that control code after the season’s end or sooner… it is actually extremely easy to use (=

Control loop:

pid_control(&arm, des_arm_pos - cur_arm_pos);
pid_control(&wrist, des_wri_pos - cur_wri_pos);

solid and expandable =D