pic: UCF winning alliance

1592, 179, 233

Congrad guys

congrats guys

i have one question for 233

What are you using to control your robot?
what type of game controls?

Hey, cool picture!
There’s Tytus, Amanda and me standing behind them. What an amazing team we had there. I can’t describe how awesome that all felt. It was really a pleasure working with Andy and Kit and the lead scout (sorry can’t remember your name) and again I think it was Bill from 1592 - It was a pleasure and I’m very happy we could get 1592 a shot at nationals. I was telling Andy after all these years competing at UCF We’ve never played a match with 233, but always against. Same with Heatwave. While on that thought, the new algorithm that was supposed to stagger teams more efficiently put us against 1390 twice and with 1402 in one match and against 1402 the next. But it’s cool. Our last match was against Pink, Heatwave and 1402 - let me say I was quite concerned. We were allied with 1649 and 1694 - they executed the strategy perfectly and we somehow pulled out a win against pink - putting us both 8-1 in the seeding.
Then you see the other picture there of us fixing the swampthing after it threw a chain from flying into a goal during autonomous. We forgot to put it in low gear before the match so it took off like a rocket straight inside a midfield goal while it was turning and wrapped the chain so I couldn’t get it off. I had to break the chain and pry it out of there and make a new one in about 10 minutes. I think I left a few gallons of sweat on that spot. But after that we pulled out straight wins. I’ll never forget it… Awesome!

Also I have to say - I’m going to miss Tytus and Amanda after these last 2 competitions there’s going to be some awfully big shoes to fill. These are the most outstanding drivers I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Our whole team included. The effort they put forth this year was amazing. The scouting was excellent. The build team was tremendously committed. The administration was smooth and most importantly our sponsors were wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for anything more this season. Truly thrilling to be a part of it all.

I thank everyone for the support of our team. I thank 233 for working with us in the finals - it was an honor. I thank all the volunteer staff at UCF for putting on a really great competition. Definitely the best UCF regional yet as far as pits, amenities, coordination and great team turnout competition.

Ya they are great drivers and get all of my respect. Ya you guys fixed that chain really fast, i was going to offer my help but you guys had enough hands so i was the one that got the pictures so you could have them :). Great job guys cant wait to see you at nationals

gotta love tytus and amanda :slight_smile:

they are a great team together…i’m so happy their final year ended as students on swampthing is going well

the orange,pink and green made a great combo
congrads again to all of you

cya at nationals and palmetto

our lead scout/team representative is Sam M. (there are multiple Sam’s on our team) He’s done an awesome job and now that he’s a Senior… i’m not sure how we’re going to find someone to do half as awesome a job as he does every year. he really knows his stuff.

:slight_smile: well… i dont know exactly what they’re called, Kit can really tell you (after all, it was his idea, and he did put them together for us) but basically, we use hand-held controllers that are basically remote control airplace controllers. :stuck_out_tongue: neat, huh? during driving practice they took a while to get used to… but after a while, they were just like second nature… and more comfortable too, especially for those of us who are addicted to video games as well as FIRST. :wink:

i really like this picture, Ryan! you can see all of the drivers and the coaches (somewhat) our HP, and you can see people cheering in the stands!

thanks dan, my driving wouldn’t look verry good if the robot wasan’t of the higest quality as well.

Man I couldn’t imagine being against such an alliance… I have seen videos of this alliance and it is truely amazing…

congrats and see you at nationals…

thanks i enjoyed myself driving with swamp and bionic tigers. even though this was my first year ever in robotics and i don’t know alot of my teams history i am happy that i did not let my team down and that i got to work with some great people like tytus and amanda and the bionic tigers they were truly very nice people and i hope to get to team up with them again in nationals or atlanta

congrats to all teams, cant wait to see them at nationals (actually now im a tad scared )

must say it was quite a relief and joy to be driving next to Shawn and josh instead of from the other side of the field. that robot is hard to stop. from caping. it can be taking a beating by 3 robots and still cap. us on the other hand will just zip to a goal cap and be gone before theres any time to stop us. the Bio Tigers were awesome they have an incredible robot with an awesome drive train that entire alliance was each capable of caping at least 5 tetras by themselves. defending against 1 is not enough, defending against 2 is too much to be able to score any points yourself. The tech tigers scared me the most because they could cap that whole back row and the other two seemed to be going after a target painted on swampthing so our objective of the back row was quite a challenge in those final matches. The tech tigers robot was amazing it competed with some of the best robots out there and it was drastically less expensive. the workmanship was immaculate and the paint job was the icing on the cake. i hope were “randomly generated” into many more matches together.