pic: Uh Oh...

Not quite sure what was happening, but it doesn’t look good for Andy :stuck_out_tongue:

The conversation went something like this:

Amanda: “What… you are NOT wearing a tie to dinner?”
Andy: “My wife said that I did not have to wear a tie… who should I listen to, her or you?” …pause… “I am gonna wear a suit jacket, though.”
Amanda: “Oh… that is cool” (smiles)

Amanda… you are a great gal. Sorry for my screw-up during the “thank you” speech at the end. Thanks for everything you put in to FIRST.

Andy B.

What a terrible picture.

And for all of those that I yelled at about ties - thanks for finally wearing them.

After all her yelling about wearing a tie, I forgot mine. It’s sad because I had to try on a couple suits/shirts with different ties and report back to her. I think Andy and I might have been the only ones without ties, but we still looked good…o yea.

You mean because we have to look at Andy’s backside?