pic: ummm......what?

This is what we walked up to at the End of the Finals at North Carolina…i believe credit is going to 343, metal in motion, for REAMING us in the finals

any thoughts on how this happened? no way it was hit directly as it is tucked very well.

There are little pieces of breaker everywhere

When you said in exploded, I guess you weren’t exaggerating. They were hitting hard, but like you said it’s down inside the chassis. Did the roller claw go down into the base? I doubt it…

I can’t tell what your board is made of but, could it have flexed enough, during a hit, to cause that damage?

board is 1/8" aluminum with minimal cutouts, doubt it flexed that much…

So much win in that 2415 robot its no excuse things started exploding!

This is why you only let electricity flow through the main breaker, not awesomesauce. They’re just not designed to handle it.

Well there’s your problem. Man that must have been some shot. We can fix it, we have the technology.

Your breakers could not deflect awesomeness of that magnitude.

Scotty: “I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!”
Kirk: “All she’s got isn’t good enough!”

And this is why you should always listen to the engineer…

343 did knock the crap out of us a few times. they had some great driving in that last match. but i still dont believe that the chassis could flew enough to cause that.

I looked at the video of the last finals match and expected to see 2415 get hit near the end and then die. The breaker was still working the entire match. 2415 deployed the minibot like normal. “It’s just a flesh wound.”

yea, we lucked out because it seems to have broken into the on position:)

So how did you shut the robot off afterwards?

I’m guessing they pulled the battery.

Unplug the battery?

I’m going to take a wild guess that it probably won’t pass inspection in St Louis as-is.

Unplugging the battery when the circuit is on carries a risk of sparks, guys. I would not suggest trying that–ANYWHERE. That’s why I asked.

Just blame it on us. We looked at it funny in the semifinals. :rolleyes:

Travis is a jinks! You should have seen what he did to us at SMR!