pic: Unattended FLL Field 002

So I left the field alone in the robotics lab for a couple hours and I came back to this.

Rack 'n Roll polar bear style?

Full points for the bear; only partial credit for the ice core. (The two skier scientists are the ones who already started there, we need a third.)

Im not going to lie, this is either disturbing or awesome. Im leaning towards disturbing, there should be 24 polar bears standing in an octagonal shape standing 3 high. Also, they are missing 4 things and about 39 tubes. Also were there any keepers scored?

:] I just think Mini-Figs can’t be trusted by themselves anymore. :]

Arctic Impact: Raising the Barrel?

I’m not up on FLL anymore, but by the looks of it they’ve returned to the arctic, and have kept some of the same missions. I’m not sure if this challenge even has barrels, but I distinctly remember one of ours didn’t make it into the hut in Arctic Impact and just pushed us out of the “Great Eight.” Thanks for sending me on a trip down memory lane. :]

Far more than Arctic Impact. This year is Climate Connections, focusing on climate change (NOT global warming, as they so often say). There’s only an ice core mission that is similar to the old game. Other items are levee construction and carbon sequestration. A couple of the missions are downright devious - although what else would you expect from S.E.? You should look in on a competition.

Well, its nice to see that they’ve improved their website over the gosh darned impossible to navigate one they had from at least 2001-2005.

And, wow. That challenge is hard! While I think the majority of the missions are relatively easy, there’s so many of them to fit into two and a half minutes! The house missions look very, very frustrating! Meanwhile, the levee testing and arrow alignment are great too. I love that the arrow aspect actually forces teams to communicate a little bit!

Im Heading Towards The Disturbing Side On this One, but Pretty Cool, Rack and Roll

Yeah, they made an attempt on Power Puzzle to be hard enough so no team could get perfect scores, but teams prevailed.

So this year they made Climate Connections as hard as possible without making to the point of insane in another attempt to make sure teams won’t recieve perfect scores. So we’ll see what the kids has come up with these past months for the next months of competition.:]

Should have seen the field today. The bear made it on top of the house (with the house in the raised position), all the lego-guys were standing around the house watching it, and one of them crashed the snowmobile into the ice core hole.