pic: Under The Hug

Well, I was taking pictures of the webhug with my wideangle, and I had crouched just a little for a better angle. Next thing I knew, I had hands going over me. So I just kept going down.


Product of my procrastination. Text needs revision. Comments graciously accepted.

Wow, that is a great picture. :slight_smile:

That truly is an incredible picture.

It’s kind of like the one I have of Palmetto social with hands in… but we’re just playing a game :rolleyes:

yeah I saw you taking that and I wondered how it would come out… love it

haha I see Genia’s head…

yay picture!

Awesome picture and great poster guys. This is definitely one for the inspirational photo thread!

whoo i was in there somewhere. awesome picture! i definitely didn’t know someone was in there. haha.

Krispy Kreme’s to whoever can name all the hands.

I think Alex Pelan may have grabbed the opposite shot on this, from on top of everyone from his phone.

i see part of genia’s head and mine
great pic
i was wondering if the people in the center were going to fall in on the camera guy
i certainly felt like i was going to >__<