pic: Unique use of 2007 game piece

Team 236 & 2067 had a picnic following parades & a car-show that the teams and robots participated in. Who would have thought there was an alternative use for keepers and ringers?

Just remember that those aren’t life saving devices.

Regardless I feel like this strategy was employed numerous times over the weekend.

I was waiting for these pictures to pop up on CD all summer.

I love how robotics kids think using innertubes in the pool is considered unique after using them as robot game pieces. :wink: :yikes:

Did anyone grab those pool noodles in the background for any non-bumper uses?

way to go. were those placed in the pool autonomously? (sorry, i had nothing wittier to say…)

The tubes are much more fun, when they are used as sleds, but seeing as all the snow is gone i guess you have to use them for something. and what better than pool toys.

Hey! Look, Dave: it is a water game!

I can’t help but notice the trend in robotics kids to be skinny… I guess thin would be a better word.

Good catch!

I thought about doing that one day when I was in Wal-Mart and saw noodles actually… Now that I have some FIRST tubes [currently in my pool] I just gotta get some flame fabric and pool noodles :cool:

Next you’ll see a model of the rack in the pool with FIRSTers being the robots using the noodles as bumpers and the tubes as tubes playing Rack ‘N’ Roll :rolleyes:

We have some of them in a pool as well, they are cheaper than actual pool floats if you think about it and are already on hand;)

Forget Pool Basketball or Pool Volleyball, it’s time for some Pool Rack n’ Roll!

Bonus points for the first picture with a Rack (partial or full) next to a pool!


Wake me up when your 'bot is chilling out along side you.


Looks like fun, I just wish it was warm enough to swim up here.

yeah last weekend i got into my pool too… think the difference here though is that my tube is black…

lol… having fun with game pieces :slight_smile:

During the build season there were several days of snow intermixed with a little sleet. Needless to say the snow packed really nicely for sledding.

The keepers will make a great way to spread FIRST as we fly down the Battlefield hill next year.

Does this count?

The secret is the six-week pizza/Krispy Kreme diet :wink:

What’s funny is the idea of using Rack ‘N’ Roll tubes for anything other than Rack ‘N’ Roll never once crossed my mind before I saw this picture.:stuck_out_tongue: