pic: United States Team Density by County

How many teams are in each county


Is the raw data for teams per county available anywhere?

California has some giant counties! San Bernardino county alone is the size of southern New England (CT, RI, MA).

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Great pic except Grand Traverse County (tiny one just below the pinky on Michigan, with the itty bitty peninsula) has at least four teams I can name off the top of my head (1711, 3767, 1896, 4398), and the map regrettably marks us as a 0.

Out of curiosity, where is the data from?

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Was just going to say the same thing about Arizona. Don’t let our large splashes of red fool you, some of those counties literally have 1 team in them but take more than an hour to drive across.

You are correct, my raw data says that there are 4 teams in Grand Traverse County. For some reason my map has it labeled as “Grand Treverse” instead, so that’s why it’s blank there. Looking at the data again, I think a similar issue has affected a few counties in Virginia too.

Here is a link to a json with the number of teams in each county.

I made that json file with a script that gets the postal code of every team on TBA. I then turned those zip codes into the county and increment for each county. A few teams (like 254) had no zip code on TBA, so I looked up the county for those teams manually.

I also have a map file with the names of each county. I go through each county in the map and look up how many teams are in it from that json file. There can be problems here if the map has slightly different names than the json file (see the Traverse vs Treverse issue). I am extremely confident that the json file is correct, but there may be a few issues with the map.

Looks like your Virginia data isn’t handling teams in independent cities correctly, so Richmond and the Hampton Roads cities aren’t displaying any teams, while all the teams in Fairfax County appear to be attributed to the city of Fairfax. Also, DC isn’t showing any teams despite having a lot.

Fine map, though. Virginia’s weird county system messes with everyone.

Here’s a tidbit:

The last two years, L.A. and O.C. regionals have been the third-closest regional pair (30 and 20 miles, respectively)–this year they’re at about 40 miles.

L.A. County now has TWO regionals… and could easily handle a third (the teams in the western side of the county are getting restless that they have to go far north or far east in the county).

I’ve often thought that the folks from NE don’t understand the West at all–the states west of the Mississippi tend to be larger than those east of said river, to the point of crossing only one or two per day’s drive on a good day. (CA north-south in one day? Ha. Ha. Ha. Rimshot.)

It’s a whole different concept of scale. People complain on the east coast when they have to travel more than an hour or two to get somewhere. Out on the west coast, it can take four or more hours to get to even the next closest city. And that would probably be considered a short drive!

Here is an updated map that fixed the missing counties.


Is it anyhow possible to find out detailed information by zip code? I’m really interested in Wyoming https://worldpostalcode.com/united-states/wyoming/. You know, like, you type code and it shows on the map details. It’s pretty hard to navigate in that google doc.

Nice map. Always fun to see.

I would be interested to see “per capita” too. Obviously areas with more people should have more teams. And we know that’s not always the case.

Being from Michigan, it seems somewhat saturated here. I can think of only one city from our area that doesn’t have a team. (Though, I’m sure there are more) But we’re a densely populated area. And our cities are close together. I have to wonder what areas have several teams even though they don’t have a huge amount of people.