pic: Unofficial FRC 68 2014 Teaser

We had to run some wires through 1X1 tubes on our robot this year to ensure they don’t get pulled out by other robots.

This looks like part of your frame? Well done, most teams dont take the time to plan this far ahead. One thing tho, it looks like the cables are rubbing on a sharp corner. If you can either put some electrical tape on that section of the cables or put in some rubber grommets.

It is part of a manipulator, not our actual robot frame. The wires won’t move at all, so the sharp edge won’t be a problem (it’d be extremely hard to get a grommet inside of that tube anyways). We are using grommets on our frame in some places, though.

We’re wiring our intake motor through VersaFrame. I added some heat shrink where the wire exits the frame since it’s a pivot point.

I’m curious as to how you’ve completely isolated the wires from vibrations and any accelerations of the robot’s chassis.

I’m not saying that we’ve eliminated any possibility of the wires moving. I’m stating that the wires are fixed in both locations, so having the wires potentially rub and short out on the frame will not be an issue. Like I said, we are using grommets in other places on our frame. We can’t exactly get a grommet inside a half inch hole somewhere inside of our frame (even if we put it in before we welded it, as it would probably melt or something along those lines). Our electrical mentors thought it would be fine so we went with it.

That would make me awfully nervous, any small movements will start to abrade the wire’s insulation. Your robot, your call though.

This is also our practice robot. We have another robot in the works right now, and we plan on bagging that one (while using this one for driver practice). If it becomes an issue we might change it. After seeing it in respect to the rest of our robot, I don’t see the of the insulation being worn off (with the exception of a catastrophic mechanical failure).