pic: Unshrunk Duckies in a Row

My personal trading Item for Championships this year. Less than 50 unique Duckies will be made. I’ve even begun to make some team-inspired Duckies.

Yay for the wonders on Shrinky-Dinks!

SWEET! Where can I find you to obtain one of these one-of-a-kind duckies?

These are cool!

I made Shrinky Dink Rack ‘n’ Roll earrings for UTC and Boston regionals but they smudged. Any idea how to “set” the inkjet ink on them? I tried spraying with hair spray and the ink ran…
I need to make new ones this weekend for Hangin’-a-Round and for Rack ‘n’ Roll, but have to figure out how to set them! Any ideas would be appreciated!

Clearly these Duckies have attended a Regional where Ducky is queuing… they are all in line and on time!

I think finding me is going to be part of the challenge of trading for one of my duckies. Although, your best chances of finding me are going to be at the CD web-hug (As long as I can sneak away to attend as I’ll be Judging VEX on Thur. & Fri.) and on Saturday when I will be wandering the pits and cheering with my team at Curie.

I’ve always hand drawn with sharpies since I do not have access to an Ink Jet printer… but one of the packages for the shrink plastic I bought recomends lowering the printers’ color intensity. Have you tried that?

Yes, when I save my graphics files I always save them at about 50% opacity because as the plastic shrinks, the color intensifies… I know where to find my ducky next week (I’ll be working with you!)… here’s a tip for those wanting to make shrink art for cheap - the #6 recycling plastic lids that often come on takeout food containers or bakery goods will work in the oven. (I would not recommend using them in your inkjet printer although the sheets you purchase at craft stores will work (no LASER printers!!!)). I recommend safety precautions - you might want to use a small toaster oven which is exclusively used for shrink art and not to prepare food in, and use in a well-ventilated area (although I’ve never smelled any fumes, I would assume some emmissions are given off during the process of shrinking). Look for these ideas and other “team spirit” ideas in an upcoming NEMO white paper!

Is that a Chuck 84 Duckie I see?

It’s so cuteeeeeeeee!

:slight_smile: it is a cute chucky ducky :slight_smile:

might there be a 1086 duck??

cause if there is, I WANT IT!!!


So far, I have created ~30 unique ducks. Some are freestyle designed, but others have been designed with certain FRC teams as inspiration. [Mostly teams with whom I’ve gotten to know a team member personally, or teams with very defined themes…] Like the 84-“Chuckie-Duckie” [Thanks for the great name Trooper181] and the TyeDyed Duckie in the picture which I drew with Wildstang’s bright jerseys in mind.

Hey, come by our pit area for a sweet dogtag and we’ll trade ;). Anyhow, those are super cute.