pic: Unusual Alliance!

By luck, the most unexpected Alliance was formed at the end of the day- 694, 1155, 334. (These schools are the top three public schools in NYC)

yeah, to bad we lost. it was worth being able to chant “we are special” though

I don’t get it… whats so unusal or special about this alliance?

I got that from clicking the picture.

[edit]w00t, my WPI’th post.[/edit]

These schools are 3 of 7 elite public schools in NYC that have FIRST teams. They also being friendly rivals for the past 4 decades. :slight_smile:

fun match heh
too bad we fixed our grabber too late in the game

congrats on stuy getting the chairmans and tech getting the engineering inspiration award though.

I’m gonna have to restart the old rivalry: Stuy (694) rules! (Well, they made an awesome alliance partner, so maybe I am biased…)

Yes, STUY rules NYC FIRST for 2005 (I’m biased too since I was an advisor for Stuy during their rookie year).

Actually, the pressure is on Team 1155- Bronx Science HS, now it is your turn to get the Chairman’s Award to even up the score since 334 and 695 both have Regional Chairman’s Awards. (Good luck 1155 in 2006!) :smiley:

the “we are special” thing was because our schools are known as the specialized high schools

Hehehe. Not only did we get to chant ‘we are special’ and ‘specialized’, but it was a good pic to express FIRST on sparkbomb. -laughs-

And a good way to make new friends!