pic: Unusual Logo

While making some final adjustments to our 2011 robot, we had to get creative to test if we could score tubes.

did you guys do this while the fan was moving? :smiley:

That would be awesome!:cool:

We did this while the fan was off, but it could still spin when we bumped the blades with a tube. That made it pretty difficult because we were either chasing fan blades or we were waiting for them to stop.

That’s a pretty creative way to practice! Saves time and money on building field elements.

That would be awesome, but sadly the laws of physics would make it impossible to hang and keep the tubes on. :frowning: Unless there are stoppers at the end of the blades on the fan that are similar to the racks on the field, then that would be a pretty interesting challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a mix of this year and 2007!