pic: UPS 2013 Teaser 1

The Ultimate Protection Squad is gearing up to play Ultimate Ascent in a new way. We’ve been busy in the offseason and now its time to put our new ideas and methods to use. Stay tuned for more soon!

I must say that I am intrigued. I know it’s a teaser, but what’s the material? It appears as if it is from a 3D printer (or maybe that’s the impression I get from a small phone screen.).

I’m assuming its not this and that gears are of material (slightly) stronger.

Looks very nice and compact. Although, the motor does sit rather high in this design. Any intention on rotating it 90degrees? Very nice.

Go home UPS, you’re drunk too.


It looks like ABS, but (logically) I’d expect it to probably be a stronger plastic(I’m on a phone screen too). Anyway, those VEXpro wheels look awesome. We just got some VEXpro stuff yesterday and it’s all so beautiful.

How do you guys like the rollers on these mecanum wheels so far?

Nice printed box! I hope the actual one has those sharp corners replaced with radii.

1625 was gracious enough to give 1675 a massive improvement for IRI, fixing the only real flaw of their great machine.

IRI upgrade incoming :smiley:

Is this how we will finally see mecanums on Einstein?