pic: UPS 2013 Teaser 2

The weird weather in Milwaukee this week apparently has given rise to some new flora.

The inverse tapering spokes kill me…

It is really interesting how two seperate people working thousands of miles apart can come up with such similar designs. Change the hook angle slightly, and those could be ours.

I’m going to say this is for frisbee floor pickup, and perhaps something Vex (not Vex pro, Vex) is involved. Am I close?

Some of the coloring and placement of the “petals” makes me think that a photoeye or other sensor will be in play to tract the RPMs of this project.

Me too…

The claws look like they may be for climbing. The arc slot could be for a ratcheting type motion.

Clearly, it’s a bunch of space whales surrounding the radiant sun.

Hey, this looks like one of our strategies too :smiley: Too funny. I bet Katie gave our strategy away lol

Don’t worry, she didn’t :slight_smile: