pic: Uptius Erving - FRC1675

Now that the “secret weapons” are out in the open, its time to introduce the 2012 Ultimate Protection Squad robot: Uptius Erving

-8 wheel drive (first time since 06, besides 09, not using Mecanum!)
-AM Supershifters (5pfs / 15 fps)
-FP intake controlled by ultrasonic sensor ball counters (automatically reverses to prevent collection of more than 3 balls)
-4 sided polycord elevator driven by Dual BB550 elevator
-Dual BB550 in a Cim-U-Lator gearbox driving a pair of 6" AM performance wheels for shooter (top speed is just a shade under 5000 rpm)
-Vex Motor driven hood (effective range is 75 degrees to 25 degrees)
-Vex Motor driven turret
-AM PG71 motor in a custom 11.3:1 gearbox for “praying mantis arms” (bridge dropper, bridge lifter, bridge catcher, balance assist, ball funnel)

Unfortunately no time for anodizing this year, but don’t worry - you’ll definitely recognize it as a UPS robot =)

Playing at Pittsburgh week 2 and Wisconsin week 4. And hopefully Championship.

And before the bumper cops arrive, our bumpers weren’t done in time for the 537 pre-ship scrimmage.


No, no - I like the brown bumpers! Go UPS!

Just curious, is your team’s school colors brown and yellow or did you pick them to mimick the actual UPS?

We are an amalgamation of students from 5 schools this year. From the UPS lore I know the name was chosen by an act of serendipity as the first 2 schools mascots were Generals and Trojans, then the colors came naturally.

Man, I feel a little stupid. At the scrimmage I though to myself, “why would 1675 have such a big bridge mechanism?”. Very cool.

Best of luck at Pittsburg. If its webcasted, you’ll have around 40 people cheering you on from Milwaukee.

In terms of size, your praying mantis arms put our’s to shame, but our arms have some interesting tricks of their own…