pic: US!!!


Team 527 in the pits.

Does that T-Slot system allow you to grab the bar, or get the 2x ball? It’s hard to tell… and how does it work I’m curious, is it a scissor extender?

It is a telescoping arm that can be used to uncap and to hang. It is extended and retracted via a cable-pully-winch system. However that alone cannot lift the robot so we have a large pneumatic piston to help it up. The whole arm rotates up to vertical.

I like the system, it is kind’ve how we originally planned… I hope it works out for you guys. Good luck!

It’s the only thing that has been working so far. :wink: We lost a motor, two climbing pistons, and a PWM so we haven’t been able to make it to the bar. But when we did, the arm was perfect.