pic: USA Teams

In the spirit of the recent maps, here is one with most of the USA teams . Hard to read the team numbers at spots but at least the concentrations of teams is clearly visible.

Note: The detail and image size suffered because the only choice for uploaded images is jpeg so don't blame me.

Opsies. I didn’t realize the image will be scaled down so much so I am posting here a link to the original:


wow, thats amazing to see all the teams spread out and concentrated in so many different areas. now if someone were to make a map with all the canadian teams on it :wink: it would be so difficult to scale though, as we only have huge concentration in GTA, and then dots of teams around the country and only in some provinces.

YEAH! look at west palm beach and 179 all right there on the most eastern part of florida, YA!

Wow. What did you use to make that?

perl (what else is there ??? :ahh: )

Could you make one(or someone else) in svg? Then you could look at the entire U.S., or just zoom in on one state.

I can see my house… er, team.

That’s really interesting to see the spread of all the different teams.

Piotr, awesome job. Again. Is there anything you can’t do in Perl?

If anyone cares, I have put up images for each state with the teams labeled at http://users.wpi.edu/~piotrm/first/maps/states/big/ and smaller versions of the same stuff at http://users.wpi.edu/~piotrm/first/maps/states/small/.

I shall have to look into svg sometime.

you’re missing at least 1 team in NJ. 816 out of WestHampton. (or it’s in the worng place and I missed it). They should be right in the same area as team 87.

This is definitely good work and very interesting. Would you consider posting the source for this?

It would be interesting to run this for each FIRST competition year and see the spread over time. (and to see the relationship between new regionals and teams in those areas).

Hmmmm, I don’t see my team.

Team 121 from Rhode Island. Should be there right underneath 1350 (Go Rambot! :cool: ) We occupy The Island…

MrToast, who can’t see his house… :frowning:

it’s cool to see the various concentrations throughout the country, and how all along the interstate in the northeast there are teams. I think we need to start naming the 4 major “belts” (Northeast, the two in california, and Indiana/Michigan) My suggestion for Northeast? the “style belt”

With FIRST, its all about style! In the northeast, we are alllll style.-Andy Grady

Nice job. I like maps, and I especially like useful maps. :slight_smile: I have a question though- is there any way to spread teams out? In Phoenix we have several large suburbs instead of lots of smaller towns, and the teams stack up so much you wouldn’t have any idea that there were more than a handle of teams by looking at the map. Also is there a way to make the state boundaries darker on the state maps? Just a few suggestions. Thank you for the supurb maps! :slight_smile:

This is very cool! Would it be possible for you to post an even higher resolution map than the one in the web link? (Entire US)

Thanks! Great Work!

That is really awesome!
How did you do that?! And wow, the East Coast has a bunch of teams in the northern area. I didn’t realize exactly how many, that’s awesome!
How long did that take you?

Haha, there’s a line of FIRST teams in North Dakota.

Those concentration centers are really interesting, I can point out Los Angeles, San Fransicso, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, and then the giant glob of teams known as the NorthEast.

I never noticed how many teams were in Michigan

Wait a minute, where are poor Alaska and Hawaii? :frowning:

Yes, the team allocation throughout the US is very interesting… there’s too much open space!

I’m missing a few teams because their location didn’t appear in the data file I had. These teams are:

 25: North Brunswick,NJ,USA ,]
 41: Warren,NJ,USA ,]
 121: Newport County,RI,USA ,]
 172: Gorham/falmouth,ME,USA ,]
 233: Rockledge/cocoa Beach,FL,USA ,]
 279: Ottawa Lake,MI,USA ,]
 453: Harrison Township,MI,USA ,]
 521: Waterford,CT,USA ,]
 527: No. Massapequa,NY,USA ,]
 563: Phila,PA,USA ,]
 651: Mar Lin,PA,USA ,]
 816: Westampton,NJ,USA ,]
 766: Menlo-atherton,CA,USA ,]
 980: Southern California,CA,USA ,]
 1038: Liberty Township,OH,USA ,]
 1094: St. Charles County,MO,USA ,]
 1100: Northboro,MA,USA ,]
 1138: West Hills,CA,USA ,]
 1288: Saint Petersburg,MO,USA ,]
 1248: Middleburg Hts.,OH,USA ,]
 1475: Leo,IN,USA ,]

Sure, here is one 20,000 pixels across: http://users.wpi.edu/~piotrm/first/maps/teams_usa_20k.png.

Or if your browser or viewer can’t handle that kind of big stuff, you can try http://users.wpi.edu/~piotrm/first/maps/teams_usa_10k.png or http://users.wpi.edu/~piotrm/first/maps/teams_usa_5k.png.