pic: Useful Tool

Excellent way of removing the pesky Minibike motor pinion from the shaft. The perfect tool is what is called a nut splitter, used for breaking rusted nut off bolts. Turning the bolt on the back forces the chisel edge until the nut splits in two. It took ten turns to force the wedge in between the teeth of the pinion. The nut spllitter does a much better and cleaner job than heating the shaft and using a gear puller.

very impressive. when i tried getting that off last year i was blasting it with an acetylene torch and trying to smash it off with a hammer. but then again i was trying to save the pulley. thanks for the picture

Wow! :yikes:

Where did you get such a fantastic tool?

thats quite something! I admire your mechanical creativity :smiley:

Excellent discovery! I think we broke one of the two motors trying to remove it last year :stuck_out_tongue:

Clever. We broke our gear puller trying to remove the pulley from ours. We ended up grinding the pulley off.

The pulley is only secured to the output shaft by strong glue, and all it takes is a heat gun, pliers, and someone pulling for it to come off.

See this thread ( http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41675&highlight=heat+gun ) there is no need to take the risk of hurting the motor by breaking the pulley like that and there is no need to buy a custom tool to remove the pulley.

Two words. Arbor press.

Specifically pay attention to one Mr. Paul Copioli in post number 3.

It works like a charm. :slight_smile: Thanks again Paul, your knowledge proves helpful even one year later.

I already owned the tool for its original use as a nut splitter. It’s kind of like cracking a walnut. I was worried about overheating the motor and damaging something, so I see this as a lower risk approach if you don’t care for the pulley.

not sure but i think we just pulled it off last year (we had a couple seniors that were varsity foot ball players)

Or instead of splitting it you can make a large gear puller like we did, i cute a piece of 3 inch aluminum stock, machined out a groove, tapped it and then put a 8 inch I-bolt into the tapped hole. Easy to make, can be re-used as much as needed, and will not do any damage to the motor or pulley. For any questions on how to make this giant gear puller please fell free to contact me on aim at etakto738 or on gmail at eshteyn375@gmail.com

When my students took that sucker off last year, they used a heat gun, really hot for quite a while, then I think they pulled it off fairly easily with a pair of pliers. Then once it was cooled we used some acetone or methanol to clean off the shaft.