pic: UTC Triplets

Bleacher view of one of the semi-final rounds with the alliance 175,176,177.

Very cool to see this alliance. During the practice matches a few of us were talking about how cool it would be for this alliance to come together.

yea my friend kelsie and i were discussing how this would be cool ( but kind of impossible because of the random hat pick). when the numbers were drawn and we ended up picking 177 both hers and my jaws dropped. :stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t had that alliance together since the UTC New England Regional back in 2003 when we were the finalists at that regional.

I want to see 175,176,177 v.s. 67,68,69 (or 69,70,71)

At that point I wouldn’t even care to see which triplet won. That matchup itself would be insane just to witness. :yikes:

Not sure where 69 or 71 are from but your going to have to come to Michigan to face 67 and 68 or 70


71 is Hammond, IN (4 time world champions, 97, 01, 02, 04)

69 is Hyper from Quincy Mass. sponsored by Gillette.

That would be quite the matchup and I would be honored to play alongside with the HOT team :slight_smile:

Also, we’re sadly no longer supported by Gillette :frowning: They dropped us, so we had to find a new sponsor (luckily we did!) They’re a new company in Quincy called Bluefin

Maybe not with 67, 68, and 69, but this has already happened at the 2005 GLR. TBA seems to have the finals messed up, but as you can see here, 66, 67, and 68 were the regional winners. I think they were even chosen in that order, with 66 the alliance captain.

That looks like the Suffield Shakedown, not the NU Hartford regional. Still very cool to have consecutive numbered teams in CT for as long as these have been around. But what’s so special about consecutive? How about alliances that are all prime numbers? or a Fibonacci series against three sequential palindromes? Or a A x B = C playing a D / E = F ? Or or or or.

175, 176, 177 all at CMP but in different divisions, so we won’t see an alliance of them this year. Maybe 178 can join them next year for increased chances of sequential alliance fever.

I have a question for all you FIRSTERS…I drove the Buzz truck here (St Louis) w/ 173, 175, 176 and 177 stuff on it. My question is, was there a 174 and are they still active?

174: UTC Carrier & Liverpool High School (New York)

They won regionals in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

I remember working with them back when I was on 229 they were and i’m sure still are a class act.

They went to Buckeye and FLR this year.


I knew that…I’m a dope.

From what I know, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, and 181 are all sponsored by some branch of UTC, whether it be Hamilton, Otis, Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney, Carrier, etc.

A quick look at FRCLinks.com seems to confirm this.