pic: V.3

Nothing special… V.3 is a better stacker. V.2 had a problem getting stuck on the goal, it would take a while for the driver to come out of there. V.3 stacks very easily. There was a thread on the forum about which bot does V.2 looks like… 217 or 229? Tell you the truth V.2 didn’t have any of the features that 217 or 229 had. But V.3 sure does. It has that Thunderchicken’s Finger or Division by Zero’s killer arm. The only feature V.3 is missing is the telescoping (which can be done with one more motor, I only wish if regular servo worked with this controller). IRI committee gave out tetra trophies this year. I so wish if I had some of those with me right now.

… Project completed perfectly. Now time to start another one…

Oh yeah… before I forget. V.3 isn’t made to play any kind of water game that Dave might be thinking about.

awesome! better than the original and .2 How many tetra’s high can it stack?

heres an idea for version .4
-6 Wheel Drive
-217 or 229 esque paint job (optional)

Nice Ary… but what it really needs is a parallel bar underneath the powered arm that is already there that would connect to a triangular piece where the “finger” would be mounted with it’s motor. You would have one hella sweet 229/217 model then.
Enough criticism :stuck_out_tongue: . It looks hot. I can’t wait to see what else you come out with.

Nice job, it just keeps getting better - you should put up a video of it going or a pic of v1 vs. v2 vs. v3 so we can see the progression.

I would like to thank Ben Lauer for hosting the video of V.3 stacking.

As requested earlier…

V.1 - 4wd with an arm that just stacks, drivers do have hard time to get out of the goal while stacking a tetra. Very Simple.

V.2 - 4wd with an arm that stacks. V.2 has a wedge which helps V.2 to push the tetra around or even make it straight in order to pick it up. Drivers still have problem to get out of the goal after done stacking. Added a limit switch, and two bumper switches for autonomous code.

V.3 - 4wd with Thunderchicken’s finger/Division by Zero’s killer arm. New Modified arm. V.3 stacks tetras more efficient than before.

Mission accomplished. Time to work on another project. Stay tuned… :slight_smile:

alrighty don’t have a cow arefin…i saw it now!!

and well it’s great… nice improvements… i see u have more lovely straw tetras…

keep having fun while i’m back at the drawing board w/ RCU stuff…

ya should make it clean u’r floor now…lol… :stuck_out_tongue: just teasing

great job again!!

But I just made a VEX bot just like that! :slight_smile: :wink: Nice job Bari. I bet it works a lot better than mine since i have a few bugs to work out. :wink:

4-Bar Linkage is key.
Make it happen!