pic: V8 Bell Buster


Our bell ringing robot that we built to volunteer with the salvation army outside a local walmart.

*one octave of bells
*8 electric soloneids
*currently programmed to play “Jingle Bells”

That is such a cool idea! Kudos to you guys for finding a great way to help out those in need with robots.

That is just so cool. :cool:

wow, that is quite awesome.:yikes:
I would love to see a video of it actually plaing Jingle Bells

This is AWESOME! Such a great idea for an outreach project. I want to see a video as well :slight_smile:

Awesome project idea!! We just might have to steal the idea :)!!

First Off…

In General that is just an epic idea :] and one of the coolest things you could do with a Robot Post Competition.

But even better…

Your Team AND your Robot are both doing an awesome thing for those in need. Kudos to you and the rest of 1557!:slight_smile:

Like said before in this thread I’d love to see a video of it in action!


I’ll try and get a video of it thursday, I dont really have a “video camera” so ill try and get my mentors I-Phone, we can program it to play other songs too, we just have to work out all the little adjustements to make it sound right and play correctly, It’s really finnikey, we didnt have time to make everything perfect in one morning, so we’ll have to see what we can do thursday. :rolleyes:

Wow… that’s really cool. It makes our nerf robot look selfish! =P But kidding aside, that’s an awesome way to support the Salvation Army. Nice job guys!


…Carol of the Bells, please? Or would that take another octave or two of bells? I haven’t played the song in a while, I honestly don’t remember how high/low it goes.

We could do it, it would Just sound horrible, it’s really complicated to program it to play a song like that, even with a simple song like frosty the snowman, we had to cut out notes and adjust the timing alot. It seems to work best with songs that have a specific timing.