pic: Various FTC volunteers - do you recognize them?

Taken at the recent First State FIRST LEGO League/Diamond State Tournament

Looks to be Ben Mitchell, Pete Kieselbach, Rich Kressly, and Bob Dudek… all great volunteers and great guys.

Except maybe Kressly.
(I kid, I kid.)

Is Kressly sleeping?

He is wondering why he is here and why he should let his picture be taken with all these other guys since Amanda is bound to have something to say. And he was right!

Absolutely. With Mitchell, Kieselbach, Dudek (and Joe Perrotto, not pictured) on the scene sleeping was the best way for me to contribute.

As for your comment Morrison, I’ll deal with you later :smiley:

Aw shucks, I thought you were contemplating your next edition of ‘This Is The Year’.