pic: Versaplanetary Gearbox Solidworks Configurable Assembly

Here’s a useful example of configurations in an assembly that you can use when designing your robot in Solidworks this year. Why configure your gearbox each time you need to use one in your design? You can download the Solidworks CAD files from the link below. Just insert this Versaplanetary model into your design, select the “ConfigurationManager” tab on your design tree to select the different configurations for the Versaplanetary gearbox.

Copy and paste into Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer/Chrome/etc.).
Copy from the directory, do not cut as this is a read/write FTP folder, for now.

There are folders for the original VersaPlanetary and for the new Version 2.
The pilot ring is not a Vex CAD model, but a best guess based on the dimensioned drawing.

You can choose from an RS550 motor, BAG motor, 775PRO motor, dual BAG motors, dual 775PRO motors, single or dual stage for single motors (single stage for dual motor options only), your choice of CIM shaft, 3/8" hex shaft, 1/2" hex shaft, 1/2" round shaft, with or without the integrated encoder.

This is awesome, do you mind if we add this to our public solidworks library?

Wow I can’t wait to try this out, looks great!

Go for it, it’s for the First community to use.

The FTP login info seems not work any more.

The last link was read/write and some of the files were erased.
Try this new link… it should be download only.

Just uploaded the files to GrabCad for anyone using Solidworks who is interested in having a configurable VersaPlanetary model for the upcoming season. If you are unfamiliar with “Configurations” in Solidworks, look it up. Very useful stuff.


Any chance you can set one up for the andymark sport series? Teams would definitely be interested in using it and with your workflow already setup this may not be too hard.

It seems as if there is no shaft on any of the assemblies, any idea?

EDIT: Looks like all shafts are suppressed by default and don’t unsuppress as you change configs.

I went through all configs before posting, yes all 100 or so, and they worked for me.
Make sure you drill down all the way on the config screen until you get to the shaft type.
There are about four tiers to get to integrated encoders.

Oh I see, I wasn’t opening the tree up to show the sub configs, my bad. This is some really great work!