pic: Vex 2-speed gearbox

I got the idea for this from this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39999&highlight=vex+shifter
I realize mine is kinda crude at this moment, I am still working on adding more motors to the gearbox.

And yes, it really does shift on the fly, but it usually binds if the gears aren’t rotating.

Anyway, comments? questions? suggestions?

very nice! i’m impressed you were able to do that with only VEX parts. what ratio’s are you getting from it?

Currently, it only switches between a 5 to 3 ratio and a 3 to 5 ratio, but you could easily change it any ratio you want. There are also 2 sprokets at the end if you wanted to speed up or slow down the whole assembly.

Thanks for your kind words!

Very well done, I saw the same thread, it was quite interesting. I would try this my self, but with the ongoing FVC competition parts are limited, but we got a whole robot done today. I hope your design turns out well, it seems it could be braced alittle more, but other than that great job :smiley: