pic: Vex demo bot

This is a Vex robot that I have put together to demo the FALCON Object Recognition System. A video of it autonomously performing tasks should be available in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

you didn’t convince your sister to make you a swerve drive?
looking spiffy

just a note to others this camera system should be on our robot and fully functional for iri.

Yeah… where’s the sweet swerve drive? I wonder if I could stick the other camera of ours on my vex robot and have it functional by Thursday… hm… lol.

Well I would, but there’s the small matter of “not enough parts left over to make a two motor tank drive, let alone a swerve”. . .

nice vex robot, it looks really cool. what was the objective in the vex competition. hope to see you at iri from the “Channel Cats”:cool:

Any videos yet?

I’m sorry I don’t have video yet. I don’t have much time to work on it with college and all. Certain mysterious color problems with these cheap CMUCam camera modules are not helping!!! :ahh:

Plus, I am working on another, better, vision system (not for FIRST, but something else) :smiley: