pic: Vex Elevating turret 2

Elevator Prototype for 2007 FTC competition

you can view a video of it working here

please give us some criticism.

It seems to work pretty fluidly… reminds me of 118…

But, it looks like in the video the chain goes slack and just hangs on the rear; It seems like this could jam/get stuck on another robot.

Also, is all the complication necessary? I’m assuming this would be for a robot that grabs a goal, and needs the turret to pick and score. You guys know your stuff though, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Looks good, can’t wait to see the final thing.

Required question: Can you elevate while turreting? (I don’t see why not, but you never know.)

yeah no problem there

i wish i had enough pieces to do that! for my entire vex FTC robot i have a starter kit, and advanced hardware and metal kit

but ive made by…for the most part

BTW nice!