pic: Vex hammer bot

I just bought a Vex set, so this is the first thing I made, a hammer bot. It eats ipods for breakfast :smiley:


hehehe that controller looks like a face :smiley:

you should tie wrap a hammer to the arm >:D

Woah! I didn’t even notice that!

Here is a MOVIE of it going crazy:


Sorry if the link doesn’t work, try downloading link to desktop or something if it doesn’t work.

(since somebody had to say it…)

Stop! Hammertime!

(takes a bow)

I like it–kinda reminiscent of Deadblow from back in the heyday of BattleBots.

Haha! It’s so cute! Smash smash aww!

Very cool, i’m just not sure if it has the kind of force needed for a BattleVex (if such a thing existed). BUt i like the speed at which it pounds. And a very good project with a Vex kit, especially for getting used to it.

Looks like a perfect device for scaring the cats :smiley:

That’s what I use my Vex Kit for… I also pick up little tetras 166 made as trophies for the mini-competition we ran last year.

Thanks for the idea!

Three cats at my house better watch out. :yikes:

Looks more like a shovel wheel mining machine than a BattleBot to me… Speaking of BattleVex it’d be an interesting side game at an off season event. The main rule would be, no making a robot inoperable. The goal would be to incapacitate all your opponents. (eg. flipping, pushing into pits in the field, lifting off the ground, so on) Now that’d be an interesting game!

VexBots Silver Hammer

"But when she turns her back on the Vex
it creeps up from behind!



it would be like battle bots and sumo
so happy together

VEX battle bots?

yes but no hurting other robots just fliping and pushing

Our VEX team challenged me (as base driver) and another member of our team (as the only independent owner of a VEX kit) to a VEX-off. We need to build a bot to beat our FVC bot in a 1v1 version of this year’s game.

I really don’t feel like building a ball scoring mechanism, so I thinking about just building a flipper and then parking on the platform :smiley:

Gee, I love those servos in the VEX kits, especially when you can control it directly with a joystick.

This hammer thingamabob looks rather fun, hey, wait a minute. hmmm… (now if I put a turntable on top of the robot and then the servo, hmmm… :rolleyes: )

Nooooooo! Be nice to kitties! :smiley:
(Have two new kittens at my house :slight_smile: )

Looks like a perfect device for scaring the cats

What about foxes (foxii, fox, ??)? there is one making a horrible sound outside my door right now.

I want a vex kit so badly. Unfortunately, i dont have the savings for it at the moment :(. Me and my brother would then be able to have mini-vex competitions among ourselves :slight_smile:

Dude there on sale for $150! Jump on it before it jumps back to $300 :wink: