pic: vex mecanum 1

my finish comp. legal mecanum wheel

Nice job. How is it competition legal though? Those wheels don’t look like official vex parts. Or are you referring to a competition other than FVC?

those rollers are made out of 1/2 in. spacer and the black rubber is a rubber link cut and put a hole in it then stretched over the spacer everything is from ifi and the only thing i have found in the rules u cant modify is the electronics

do you have plans for one of them?

i would like to make a set

im working on the that right now

will this chassis be used for the Hangin’ Around game, and if so… what competitions will it be attending, I MUST see this in person.

i will be at Massachusetts Vex Championships dec 9 and at Connvex Championships dec 16. it wont be competing but it will be there to demo

That is one dizzying background.

Any update on plans for these? I’d like to get my hands on a couple of those.

There is a little more info on vexforum.com I think.