pic: VEX Pizza


A Team 470 member put this all together in less than an hour and eventually we walked it through part of the Ypsilanti Heritage Fest.

he he he

That must’ve given everyone a jump! Hehehe…what I wouldn’t have given to see that thing in action and the crowd’s reactions. Do you have any videos?


unfortunately no. :frowning:

However, I must quote one reaction from a passer by,

“hey! that was faster than Domino’s!”

General laughter was heard as we walked through the crowd with it. It was awesome.

Maybe you can use that for something like sponsorship or team/school spirit?

One thing I would do is get smaller wheels, build mounts, cut holes in the bottom and have nothing sticking out of the box. Just so all they see is a box flying across the floor.

That’s freaking awesome. I sense a whole new method of getting your team’s name out there at demos and stuff. Aout how fast does it go?

Now all you gotta do, is put the camera on there and get it to track the word DELIVERY. :smiley:

Talk about using your surroundings. Genius; completely integrates the life of a member of first. A lot of fast food and robot parts.


Slow. I mean, when we were walking through the street we walked at a snail’s pace and no faster. But it wasn’t too terribly slow, it was just the lack of gearing (direct drive from motor).

Great idea! Build the next version in a Krispy Kreme box and program it to find Dave. Or better yet, program it to run from Dave.

I can just picture it with “arms” coming out holding a Dew can! :smiley:

I think this would make a great recruitment tool. It would also make a great flyer.
It just made me laugh and laugh.

I think this is a great idea! Only use some old Victors and motors from older FRC seasons along with a dozen Krispy Kreme boxes stacked on top of one another. Use a plywood chassis inside of the first 11, but the top one will still have KKs in it, with some sort of actuator to open the lid. Maybe a warmer to keep the KKs hot too? Anyway, drive it by the 116 pit when Dave’s there, open the lid, and have fun with him trying to get at the doughnuts while they keep driving away from him. Or, would theat br too cruel…

Give it a faster drive, stack some KK boxes on top, put on a camera.

THEN, you find out what color shirt Dave is wearing at kickoff, and program the bot to find him, get close to him, then turn around and have him chase you. :slight_smile: All on live broadcast.

Wouldn’t that be fun? :stuck_out_tongue:

does this mean you get a robot in 30 minutes or less or you get a free robot?

I think we better stop coming up with ways to tease Dave, or he might start teasing us about next year’s game! :rolleyes:

I hate to burst you’re bubble, but he’s already started…

Started? It’s never stopped…

Are you serious? That is great! Using Vex with seemingly normal everyday items. Let’s see what I can find around here to make a robot out of.