pic: Vex power from FRC battery

The NERDS are building a PromoBot, using a Vex reciever and controller, FRC type power system, Victor speed controllers and Spikes, and FRC type motors and stuff. To power the Vex controller from the 12v battery, they used a LM7808 integrated circuit 8 volt regulator, mounted on a scavenged heat sink, and powered by a 3 amp fuses circuit on the FRC fuse panel. It seems to work ok.

mad props. i will create this device immediately

Where do I get one of those power converters!!!

There could be quite the market if someone were to sell those…

I know I’d buy one.

LM7808 is a very old part design, it’s just a higher voltage version of the extremely common LM7805 voltage regulator that is used in half of all electronic devices ever made! I got a pair on ebay for a couple bucks (including shipping), you should be able to get one from any electronics parts distributor such as digi-key.

The heat sink doesn’t need to be anything more than a piece of flat aluminum about an inch square…if that…

(edit: digikey has a couple thousand of the LM7808 devices in stock)

Have you had any problems with noise comming from the victors since your using the same battery for both?


Haven’t noticed any, but it might be a good idea to add a big capacitor after the voltage regulator, eh?

If i were you i would keep it on the DL and get a patent before you all of a sudden start seeing them with a Radio Shack logo on them.

Can you patent a voltage regulator that already has a patent? :confused: