pic: Vex PTZ as seen at the Florida FVC Championship

This was the sweet Pan Tilt setup created by Mike Walker and buffed up by Tytus, it worked awesome up on a 15 foot high mount over the field providing awesome footage from a new angle. For more picture from the competition go to:


Right off the bat I only see one thing missing. The Safety straps that keep everything from falling onto someone’s head when a Vex screw and Keps nut decide to vibrate loose.

Every part in the configuration needs to either be abaove a net with small enough holes and enough strength to catch screws, nuts (and chassis rails…), or somehow attached to an emergency support strap that takes over if a screw should work loose (which we all know happens pretty easily).

I do like the idea.


This system was setup right next to the lighting rig for the field which the audience was kept a few feet back from the entire time because of both the camera and the lighting system in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately this photo doesn’t show that, but had anything fallen it was several feet from any people and we pulled it down a few times throughout the day to clean the wiring up and such to make sure the system was secure.

Also, keep in mind that we put this together last minute as a replacement for a larger project that another mentor and myself have been working on but weren’t able to finish by the event. That’s why this system is thrown together pretty quick as it was put together the night before.

Hey guys,

Did they have a live internet feed going at the tournament so everyone could see our game?

Also, does anyone have video of the event?

My team won, but my dad couldnt make it to the event, and I’d like to show him.

By the way, that camera was awesome, I didn’t see it break, I think they wanted to put it on a rope so it could go back and forth across the field like they have in the NFL but didnt have enough time to rig the whole thing…would have been awesome though.


This thing was cool and fun to play with. I posted a video up on Google.

Florida Vex Sky Cam