pic: Vex robot

It can pick up three balls max.

Very Cool looking robot…

Looking at your robot I need to add some things on my shopping list for VEX…

  1. Gear kit.
  2. Limit switches.
  3. Motors.
  4. Servos.
  5. Find few more pwm extensions.

Few things I want…

  1. Ultrasonic sensor.
  2. Light sensor.
  3. Programming kit.

Don’t forget the omniwheels. Get four, put 'em on 45 degree angles, and you got S.A.M. No special programming required. So cool.

I already have omni wheels … maybe I will buy 2 more… =)

Heres my list:

  1. chain and sprocket kit
  2. Motors
    4)PWM extensions
  3. lots of VEXlabs stuff

and for my next project… i think i may need a few wheel kits


very nice bot, i like the grabber at the end.

I recently got a vex set things i want:

  • lots of hardware/structural pieces from vexlabs
  • another servo
  • PWM extension cables
  • Id love to get 4 omni wheels but probably wont any time soon
  • a gear set would be nice
  • some sensors, already got the programing kit

nice bot what and how many vex products did you use because theres alot of wires :yikes:

that looks a lot like our robot… except our arm is half done lol! very cool :cool: